Have you tried all diets? Have you found all the information to lose weight out there but somehow nothing is working? Have you asked yourself are you destined to be fat forever?

No, you’re not!

I’m presenting you the ultimate guide to lose weight in a month.

This information helped me and many others to lose weight, get confidence and have a healthy and joyful life.

Do you want to join us?

Let’s begin!

 CalLose Weight in a Month – Step 1:



why mindset is important

It all starts in your mind, with you believing you can do it, by you trusting the process. And that believe and trust is in your mind.

The mind is something you can control, the mind is something you can change. It will take the effort to change your mind to think positively if your habit is to think negatively. But whatever effort you’re putting into changing your mind, it will be worth it.

The mind is designed to tell you “Stay in your comfort zone, don’t change.” But it doesn’t mean you can’t change. It just means you have to put an effort to change the status quo.


how to believe in yourself

Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you’re right.
Henry Ford

Whatever you believe, you can achieve. If you believe you can lose weight in month, you will.

I know that after years and years of trying to lose weight, it’s very hard to believe you actually can lose weight. That’s why to lose the weight you have to change that belief, you have to believe that you can do it, you have to believe that you can change.

The fact that so many people are able to lose weight, means it’s possible. And if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you. It might not happen in a month or two or even six months, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

If you don’t believe you can lose weight, prove yourself wrong.

Write down on paper all the times that you’ve been able to lose 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 7 pounds whatever number it was.

See on the paper that you’ve been able to lose weight in the past (just you haven’t been consistent long enough to lose all the weight that you needed or maybe you didn’t have a weight loss plan that was suitable for you).

But it means that you’ve been able to lose weight. And it means, you can do it again, and you can lose more. You can lose all the weight that you want.

That is the truth.

Believe that.


set yourself up for a win

We all tend to set huge goals for ourselves.

Big goals are great but at the time they can be very overwhelming.

Set a yearly goal, be specific on how much weight you want to lose, want is your weight in a year from now. And then write down how you’ll feel once you achieve that goal.

Seconds step is to break down that big goal into smaller 90-day goals.

And you can go even further and set how much you want to lose weight in a month.

When you see the smaller goal you’re more likely to believe you can achieve it. That also allows you to keep yourself on track to achieving a big goal that you started with.


how to win every day

Now that you have your 90-day goals, write them down on paper.

I suggest writing your goal on a few sticky notes and putting them in different places in your house where you’ll see them multiple times a day. That can be your bathroom mirror, your closet, your fridge,… all the places that you’re likely to visit a few times a day.

Whenever you pass by stop and read your goal.

That’s how are you’ll wire your brain to believe, you can achieve it and you’ll achieve it.


celebrate yourself

Celebrating yourself and celebrating even the smallest wins it’s crucial to achieving big goals.

When a 2-year-old does something good, you’ll tell him “well done”, “way to go”, and that little celebration and praise will reinforce that good behaviour.

That is how we function from when we’re kids till now.

When you achieve anything, say something nice to you or treat yourself (not with food :).

When you change a bad habit, say “Well done me”. If you eat healthy for a week or even for a day, praise yourself. Celebrate yourself and reinforce the good things in your life.

Somewhere along the way we forgot to celebrate, love and cheer for ourselves. It’s time to start again.

If you’ve read so far – Well done! You’re one of the rears who’ll lose weight and who can lose weight in a month. You’re amazing! (you see, it’s not that hard 😉

If you’re ready to lose weight in a month, this upcoming month can be life-changing. Make the most of it and schedule a FREE Call. I’m here to support and celebrate you!

Lose Weight in a Month – Step 2:



How often you hear or how of can you say: “I have no motivation”. “I cannot find the motivation to lose weight”, “I don’t feel motivated to exercise”,…

We all behave and think like motivation is “coming from somewhere”.

Motivation is in us, in each and every one of us.

where to find motivation

What is your reason to lose weight?
I mean a deep emotional reason that makes you want to lose weight.

Is it: I want to be confident. I want to love myself again, I want to be healthy and not take 10 medicine every day for the rest of my life. I want to have the energy so I can play with my kids, I want to go shopping and enjoy trying on new clothes,…

What is it for you? Write it down.

The reason you want to lose weight is where your motivation comes from.

If you feel like you don’t have enough motivation, if you feel like not eating healthy or not exercising, remind your self of that reason.

Remind yourself why you truly want to lose weight.


where motivation comes from

If you want to lose weight in a month and start your long-term weight loss journey, let’s get you motivated.

Motivation comes from action, not from sitting and talking how are you can’t find motivation.

Remind yourself daily of your reason to want to lose weight.

That reason is your driver, that reason is your motivation.

When things get hard, when you have a party, when you are in front of a wonderful buffet with colorful, beautiful and delicious food, when you’re out with friends and everybody else is eating pizza, remind yourself.

Especially in these moments remind yourself why you start the journey. Imagine yourself how are you’ll look and feel when you lose weight, reminds yourself of all the things you’ll enjoy and make a decision to stick to your weight loss plan.


how to make sure you stay consistent

For some reason, we expect to achieve our long-term goals (like weight loss) in a short period of time. We start a diet, we’re pumped for 2-3 weeks and then slowly we’re going back to our old habits because we haven’t lost all the weight we wanted.

You cannot expect to lose weight in a month if you’ve been gaining that weight for 5, 10 or 15 years.

This guide is here to get you started, to show you how you can lose weight in a month but it’s up to you if you’ll stick to it long enough to lose all the weight you want to lose.

Make a decision you’ll lose the weight. Set a goal. Believe you can achieve it. Remind yourself every day of your reason you want to lose weight, and that is how you’re building consistency with a weight loss program you choose.


why support is crucial for success

It’s so hard to do things on your own.

At the beginning you might feel pumped, you feel like “Yes, this time I’m doing it”. But after a few weeks that initial enthusiasm starts to drop, stress happens, life happens, boredom happens, loneliness happens and a big birthday party of your best friend with all delicious food and drinks is happening at the same time.

In these moments you need support, you need someone that you can say how you feel, what you think. You need someone to tell you you can make it, you need someone who will inspire you, you need someone to hold your hand when times are hard.

Yes, it’s possible to do things on your own but it’s very likely that you will give up if you do. And it’s very likely that you will succeed if you have support on your journey.

Sometimes your family and friends, even with the best intentions that they have for you, can’t understand what you’re going through. And that’s why you need someone who is going through the same, or someone who already went through their own weight loss and knows exactly how you feel, and knows exactly what your next step should be.

Don’t be shy, always ask for help, always ask for support.

You don’t have to know everything, you just have to surround yourself by the people who do.

Sara Dune

And if you need someone to talk, if you need support on your journey, CLICK HERE and get yourself a FREE Consultation Call.

Lose Weight in a Month – Step 3:



Whatever we do is to evoke a certain emotion.

You want to buy a new car because you think that will make you happy. You want to find a boyfriend because you want to feel loved.  You want to lose weight because you want to feel confident and to love yourself,…

Whatever you do is because you want to feel a certain way.

why emotions are so important for weight loss

If you have a strong positive emotion to lose weight, if you feel eager, if you feel passionate about the person you’ll become when you lose weight, it’s just a matter of time when you’ll lose weight.

You’ve heard of people who don’t use the scale for months and then one day they just step on the scale and realize they have lost 50 pounds. They’ve been focusing on the self-love they’re feeling more and more every day, the enjoyment that they’re getting from eating nutritious food, appreciation of the beautiful walk,…

On the other hand, if you’re feeling stressed about losing weight, if you’re focusing on all the diets that failed, if you’re depriving and starving yourself, you’re very likely to fail in losing weight.

We’re wired to avoid pain, we’re wired to avoid negative emotions.

If you’re starting a diet where you’re eating 800 kcal per day, that is not the most pleasurable experience (let’s be honest, it’s very painful), you’re geared to give up in a few weeks because your brain and your body don’t want to suffer.

How you feel about the weight loss will determine if you will succeed or not.

When you’re starting a new diet or a weight loss program, don’t look into being the most restrictive but the most enjoyable in a long-term. Look for something that you’ll start doing now and turn into a lifestyle.


how emotions are holding you back from losing weight

If you’re overweight or obese the truth is you are eating more than your body requires. Many would argue here, “well, I have a certain condition” or “I’m taking medicine”. Yes, that’s true but that only means that your body requirements for food have been changed and you should lower food intake.

Easier said than done.

We overeat because food brings are a comfort. It makes us feel good for a short period of time, it helps us forget the negative emotion we’re facing, at least for a second.

It’s not easy to feel lonely, bored, stressed, depressed,…

It’s much easier to eat in these moments and forget about that negative emotion at least for a second.

Overeating is a just a symptom of some deeper negative emotion that you’re avoiding it by eating.

By changing a diet, you can control what you eat for a while, but when that negative emotion appears all goes through the window.

Just because the cause of overeating is still there.

In order to lose weight for good, you have to deal with these emotions, you have to acknowledge them and allow yourself to feel them.


how to overcome emotional issues

Your emotional issues were the cause of your weight gain. They were the cause of excessive eating and they still are.

There are many ways to lose weight but the permanent ways are the ones that are guiding you through the process of dealing with your emotions.

Notice when do you tend to overeat.
How do you feel at that moment?
What is the emotion behind?
Allow yourself to feel that emotion, to be aware of it, to acknowledge it and to stay with it.

Don’t to avoid it by food, but see it as part of you, part of your past and still part of your present.


how to make emotions your motivation

On the other hand, emotions are your drivers to lose weight.

Ask yourself – Why I want to lose weight?
How do I want to feel when I lose weight?

That answer will be your driver, that answer will be your motivation to lose weight.

If you say – I want to be healthy, I want to feel confident, I want to love myself.

Those emotions will be your motivation until you lose weight, and when you do lose weight, they will be your reality.

We do everything in order to get pleasure or to avoid the pain.

By overcoming your emotional issues you’re removing pain form your life. By connecting to the emotions you want to feel when you lose weight you’re bringing pleasure into your life.

Dealing with your emotional issues can be very demanding and difficult task to do on your own. That’s why I’m gifting you a FREE Consultation Call. Your weight loss can start now!


Lose Weight in a Month – Step 4:



Nutrition is the most powerful tool for losing weight.

Your diet and excessive eating have led you to gain weight. Approaching nutrition in the right way is crucial for losing weight as well.


the right way to approach food

There is no – One size fits all.
Perfect diet or perfect nutrition plan doesn’t exist, but what exists is – your choice of what is the most suitable for you and your lifestyle.

You have to know if you want to lose weight long-term, you have to change your habits, you have to change what you eat and how you’re choosing food.

For some people, keto lifestyle is the answer, for others vegan, for others paleo,…

They all have positive and negative sides to it, but the most important is if they are working for you.

If you’re not someone who enjoys meat, probably a keto lifestyle wouldn’t be suitable choice cause it won’t be enjoyable, but if you love meat, going vegetarian wouldn’t be sustainable for you.

Ask yourself, what do you enjoy the most and start to chose a weight loss plan from there.


why starving yourself will not help you be healthy

Whatever you choose, know that starving yourself and calorie restriction won’t be beneficial.

Food is our fuel, it has all the necessary nutrients for our wellbeing so when you are restricting food it would be the same as restricting petrol for your car. You can go only that long.

Deprivation will make you feel miserable. If you go back to the chapter on emotions you’ll remember that we’ll do anything to avoid pain and negative emotions.

Choose nutrition plan that you’ll enjoy, that is sustainable for you in a long-term and stick to it.

Weight loss is a long-term goal, it’s a change in your habits and a lifestyle. Be patient with it, give it time.

This guide will help you to lose weight in a month, and for some, that month will be only a beginning of a weight loss journey that will take much longer.

You don’t expect when you’re learning a new language to speak fluently in a week. Right?

Approach it in the same way.

Decide that you’ll lose weight.
Choose nutrition plan that is the most suitable for you.
Stick to it until you lose weight.
Trust the process.


nutrition pillars for weight loss

We can talk about nutrition a lot, and all can’t fit in this post. You can read more about it in the Eat Drink & Still Shrink guide.

Here I’ll go through nutrition pillars that are esscential for a weight loss:

1. Focus on whole foods: fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, fish, legumes, nuts. Fill your plate with veggies and then add meat, fish or legumes. If you follow that, there’s no need for any calorie restriction and deprivation.
2. Be careful with grains – all kind of bread, pastry, granola bars, cereals, … and dairy – some people tolerate dairy very well but most of us don’t. Try to focus on greek yoghurt and cottage cheese or (if you can) eliminate dairy completely.
3. Eliminate processed and junk food
4. Don’t drink calories – sweetened coffee, juices, alcohol, … everything that has calories is off the table. Focus on water, unsweetened tea and coffee.
5. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day

how to approach your “mistakes”

Most of us have “all or nothing” approach to losing weight.

We think that we should follow a diet or a weight loss plan completely and if we make any exceptions, all is lost and we indulge in everything and anything.

Very often one day turns into a week and that turns into going to old habits.

What is most important to remember – What we do on the most day it counts.

So if you’re eating very clean and healthy every day and once a month you have a slice of pizza, you won’t gain weight.

In the same way, if you eat every day processed and junk food and have a salad once a month, you won’t be healthy and lose weight.

Remember – It’s ok to make “mistakes”, it’s ok to have the occasional indulgence, it’s ok to have pizza sometimes.

Don’t think if you ate two cookies “all hope is lost” and continue eating a full jar.

Have your weight loss plan in place, follow it daily, and if you slip sometimes, it’s ok.
Take where you left off and continue your plan.

What you do consistently counts.


The secret of healthy eating

Secret 1: Don’t try to stop eating all junk and processed food at once.

Don’t attempt to eliminate all at once.

Take a step-by-step approach.

If you’re someone who is having 3 sodas every day, you’re not very likely to suddenly stop drinking sodas.

Try having 2 sodas over the next few days and then 1 soda after that. After a few days, you might be ready to eliminate soda.

The most important is, don’t rush with this process and don’t think you have to do it like everyone else.

We are all different, so find the way that is the easiest for you.

Secret 2: Find substitutes

Whatever you enjoy eating or drinking, it’s so hard to give up on it.
The easiest way is to find a substitute.

So if you’re enjoying rice, you might try cauliflower rice (there are lots of recipes all over the internet).
If you love ice-cream, try making Nice cream (it’s vegan ice-cream, which is just blended fruits and it’s so delicious, you can find loads of recipes as well).

Whatever is for you, I’m sure you can find an amazing substitute out there.

Secret 3: Enjoy your food

Have you noticed how many times you finish a meal and you didn’t even realize the taste of the food?

We tend to eat so mindlessly, while watching TV, checking mobile, that we don’t notice what or how much we eat.

Try mindful eating.
Focus on your food.
Focus on the taste of it.
On the texture.
Feel the taste in each and every bite.

Not only that you’ll enjoy more but also you’ll not overeat.


Now you have a guide to lose weight in a month. Congratulations!

It can be overwhelming to figure out if this is the right plan for you, so schedule a FREE Consultation Call and let’s set you for weight loss and life you desire.

 This is it.

Your way to lose weight in a month is mapped out and your way to lose all the weight is ready if you stick to it long enough.

Be patient, believe you can do it, trust the process and you’ll get the life of confidence, love and health you desire.

This is not the end, it’s only a beginning.

I believe in you, my friend.


Truly yours,

Sara Dune, MPharm

Weight Loss & Love Coach

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