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Who is holding you back from losing weight? Well, I’m guessing you said:  “me”.  And you’re right. You’re the person who is holding you back from losing weight.

The answer is a pretty obvious one. But before you say: “I know that” and stop reading this article, stick with me for a second.

Have you ever thought how many personalities are in you?

You’re different person in different circumstances

There is kind you, happy you, angry you. You who wants to workout and eat healthy and another one is you who wants to overeat. You who is spending time with your family, you who is going for work, you who enjoys socializing and you who enjoys spending time at home and by herself.

You have all of these different personalities in you.

When you see yourself in all of these different situations, you realize that you are a different person in all of them.

And when I ask Who is holding you back from losing weight? Yes, it is you. But only part of you is holding you back. The other part of you wants to be thin, fit, toned and healthy.

What is constant in all of them is YOU. You in all different situations.

And that means that YOU can lose weight if you desire.

You can talk to the part of you who is holding you back and set yourself on track for weight loss, health, confidence and for the amazing life that is waiting for you.

Who is holding you back from losing weight: There is fat you and thin you


All these years and with all diets you were trying to go from fat you to thin you.

You were trying to neglect fat you, to push her away, to make her go on a diet.
You wanted her to exercise, to go away from your life so that you can introduce thin to yourself and others.

You have this amazing picture of you being the thin, vibrant, toned, fit person who is happy, love herself and who is confident.

The way to get there is not by pushing fat you away it’s by embracing her.

Fat you, you that you want to get rid of, that you want to make to stick to a diet and exercise, it’s here because she has a message for you.

Yes, she has a message for you.

That message can be some emotional issue that you’re storing in your life and in your body. Until you hear that message, she won’t be able to leave.

She is even making herself bigger, she’s eating more and more just to have your attention, to deliver that message. But you’re not listening to her, you’re too busy trying to push her away so that you can introduce thin you in your life.

The way to bring thin you in your life is by listening to fat you, to hear that part of you who is overeating, who doesn’t exercise, who is not healthy. Just listen to her, hear a message that she’s trying to tell you, hear what is that emotional issue that she’s dealing with.

When you get into that conversation, you’ll be able really to lose weight and to lose weight for good.

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Who is holding you back from losing weight: Conscious vs. Subconscious mind

In your conscious mind you think your natural state of being is thin you, healthy you, confident you, vibrant you. The one who is so happy and energetic.

But for your subconscious mind, a comfortable state is actually another part of you, fat you, part of that might not appear the healthiest and the happiest. For your subconscious mind that’s the comfort zone, that’s where you feel safe, that’s where you can solve all of your issues with food.

As fat you, you can get comfort with food and you don’t have to have an excuse about it.

Think about it, as a thin person, you cannot comfort yourself with food but as a fat person, you can.

As a thin you, you have to deal with your emotional issues in another way. Not by eating them, not by going to the kitchen and eating a full bag of potato chips.

As a thin you, you have to find other ways to deal with your uncomfortable emotions.

And your subconscious mind doesn’t know other ways.

Your subconscious mind knows whenever you feel stressed, bored or lonely you eat

That’s how you overcome discomfort and that is the most important for your subconscious. It wants you safe, it wants you comfortable and it really doesn’t care if you have spear tires on your waist as long as you ‘re avoiding emotional pain.

We want now to send a message to your subconscious mind that it is safe to lose weight.

I will be happy when I lose weight. I will be healthy when I lose weight, I will be safe, I will be comfortable and I will find a way of dealing with my emotions.

fat you vs. thin you

You have this huge battle inside of you – fat vs. thin you, two parts who want different things are fighting for your attention. and really fighting for

One part of you is fat and wants to eat and feel comfortable and another part of you is thin and wants to eat healthy to exercise, be energetic, confident and vibrant.

Two different personalities who want two different things from you.

Dealing with your emotions by eating is much easier than actually facing these emotions.

Who is holding you back from losing weight: You’re two letters away from losing weight


Write two letters.

1. One letter will be from thin you to fat you telling her how she feels, what she wants and how her life would look like if she is in charge.

2. The other letter will be from fat you to thin you telling why she’s still here, what is the message she wants to deliver.

Her message might be: I don’t feel safe when I’m attractive, that’s why I have this fat shield on me to protect me from looks.


The message is – I have emotional issues from my past which I haven’t dealt with.

Recommendation: Meditate, Journal and allow yourself to receive the message.

You’re in control and you’re ultimately deciding which part of you will be incharge.

For most of the people this process will be very difficult, and if you’re one of them know that it’s ok. Tears, resistance, denial,… they are all normal parts of this process.

Remember, the only way to achieve your goals is to do something different than what we’ve been doing till now.

If you want to be a different person you have to be willing to do different things.

Allow yourself to try something different (like writing a letter to you) and, trust me your results will be different.

Listen a full episode of Your Way To Healthy podcast.



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