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Every relationship starts with a relationship with yourself, love and relationship coach about mobile

You can be, do and have anything you want.

You are worthy of the love you desire.

You are deserving to be cherished for who you are.

And your love life? It’s ready for you to own your desires and claim the relationship and the man you’re meant for.

Hi, I’m Sandra Hay,

Love & Relationship Coach.

I help women (just like you) to get the relationship they desire or rather attract it by becoming the love magnets using my signature love potion made by combining soul, mindset, emotion and action.

My mission is to bring more love into the world by empowering women to love themselves first.

Even though I’m happily married now (#happywife), adored and cherished, loved every day for who I am (even with the most annoying habits #sorryhubby), it wasn’t always like that.

happy couple married couple how to find your soulmate
before losing 50 pounds and finding dream man

Before I became a happy wifey and a woman who loves herself completely and unapologetically, I was just an overweight girl who didn’t know what self-love is, who’s confidence was so low and who tried eeeeeverything to find love. #singlelifesucks

Online dating – been there.

Staying out till dawn – maybe my man needs all night and 10 bears to find me.

Attending all friends gathering – still single.

Another guy I had high hopes for and dreamed that he might be the one, left me heartbroken… again.

Another fling that in my head looked like “happily-ever-after”, left me alone… again.

Another “Keep in touch”, never called or messaged… again.

I knew if I wanted to change my life, I had to start with myself first.

And so I did…

rose gold element

I didn’t know where to start so I started from one thing I was always good at – studying.

I worked with coaches, signed up for courses, read books, listened podcasts.

I was working on my spirituality, mindset, emotions, daily habits.

I was working on myself like my life depended on it (and it did).

In 6 months…

💖  I went on a date with only 1 guy who is my husband now

💖   I lost 50 pounds (BMI showed “healthy” for the first time in my life #pinchme)

💖  I gained confidence (asked for the raise and got it, 15% more woohoo)

💖  I started loving myself and felt so free for the first time ever!

before and after losing 50 pounds and finding love

I always wanted


It took to start loving myself to

attract my soulmate.

From there, everything in my life shifted…

I was in the most loving relationship (so much better than I could ever imagine).

8 months later we started living together.

14 months later we got engaged (just 5 days after I wrote on the piece of paper that I want us to get married).

18 months later we got married.

And 4 years later it feels like we’re just getting started.


happy relationship, healthy relationship, how to find love again, how to find love of my life

I finally got my happily-ever-after.

rose gold element
finding love can be easier than you think

If you’ve come this far, you’re no doubt like me: a woman who is looking for love, who is ready to do what it takes to create a life she desires, who is not ready to settle for anything less than her heart desires.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you find your happily-ever-after, love yourself unapologetically and gain the confidence to create a life better than your daydream.

Don’t let your man wait any longer! LET’S DO THIS.

Love you,

xo Sandra

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