Another night spent on my own…
Another walk took on my own…
Another movie watched on my own…

Is this how it will always be? Maybe I should make peace with the fact I’ll never find love…

Maybe it’s not meant to be…

That’s how average Wednesday looked like in my world in November 2017.

I was tired of looking for a guy.
I was tired of blaming my weight for being single.
I was tired of being excited to go on a date and then sink by knowing that he’s not answering my messages.

But deep down, in my heart, I knew that MY LOVE is out there and he is waiting for me.

And instead of focusing on “Will he like me?”,
I started working on “Do I love myself?”
“How can I love myself more?”

⭐From that place losing 50 pounds manifested,
⭐From that place confidence to give it one more try manifested,
⭐From that place a man that is my husband now manifested.

You wanna know the secret?

🤫When I found him he told me that he was looking for me as hard as I was looking for him.

I don’t know if weight is your excuse.
I don’t know if the belief that you can’t be loved as you are is your excuse.
I don’t know if you feel that all good guys are taken.

That’s all BS! (said in love)

Your man is waiting for you.
But he’ll be able to love you only when you love yourself.

Love attracts love.
So… love yourself.



Your dating guide is on its way! Your dream relationship... loading...

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