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It’s beginning of 2019. We’re having New Year’s resolutions, goals, we’re so pumped about changing, our lives, our bodies,…

I was trying to change all my life (as you might know I was overweight for 20 years). I’ve tried to lose weight without really connecting with myself and without accepting myself.

I wanted to change myself because I didn’t accept myself. And from that place change is very hard or almost impossible.

Only when I started accepting myself, I was able to lose 50 pounds.

I was struggling with it for a really long time and I’m still discovering elements about myself that I didn’t accept fully. But we’re always work in progress.

Love yourself again: What are self-acceptance and self-love?

Difference between self-acceptance and self-love

When people talk about self-love they refer to a spa, a nap, nice clothes, body treatments, health treatments,… Self-acceptance is a much much bigger concept.

Self-acceptance is accepting yourself fully, accepting your body as it is (not accepting it as it is and I don’t want to change but rather I’m accepting it fully now and then I’ll see if I want to change it or not), your mind, your behaviour, your soul.

Why self-acceptance is important for loving yourself

It’s so easy to accept yourself when you’re kind when you love others when you’re giving. But there are situations in your life when you’re stressed, angry, frustrated. When you just burst at someone, be unkind or angry at somebody. We have to accept ourselves even in those moments.

None of us is perfect and the point is not to be perfect. Point is to be imperfect and to see beauty in our imperfection.

Self-acceptance is the acceptance of your body, mind, emotions, behaviour,… Your past, your mistakes, times when you hurt others, plus all the amazing things about you, all your strengths, all the times you were loving, you were kind. All the nice words that you said, all the nice gestures you’ve done.

Self-love is a part of and a way to self-acceptance but it’s not all of it.

If self-love and self-acceptance are something you’ve been struggling with (and still are) schedule a FREE Weight Loss Consultation. We can talk how to find your way to loving yourself again!

Love yourself again: How health and self-acceptance are connected?

As you’re loving yourself and as you’re accepting yourself that is how you’re getting rid of weight

Maybe this concept sounds a little bit alien to you because everybody’s talking about diets and exercise as a way of reaching your goals. Definitely, they’re great tools for reaching your weight loss goals, losing weight and looking great.

In order to make sure that diets, nutritional changes and exercise work, you have to do deeper work. You have to do the deeper work of accepting yourself because when you start accepting yourself and loving yourself, you want the best thing for you. And what is the best thing for you? The best thing for you is healthy food, the best thing for you is movement and exercise.

Nutrition and exercise are tools to lose weight but if you don’t do this deeper work of accepting yourself, loving yourself and if you don’t take that holistic approach to nutrition and exercise you’re very likely to fail like all the times in the past.

How to start accepting yourself and loving yourself?

I really encourage you to take very small steps because if you are coming from that dark place (as I was) of hating your body, of really wanting to change because you can’t accept yourself (as I did).

If you want to change from that place it is very hard, if you want to love yourself from that place it’s very hard and so unrealistic.

I don’t want to tell you suddenly “start loving yourself, go throw away all your clothes and buy new clothes that inspire you, go book all the treatments in the spa and take a vacation,…”

If you’re not used to loving yourself, if you’re not even used to thinking that way and you have to take tiny steps at the very beginning to start even introducing a concept in your life, to really start introducing that idea of “yes, I should love myself! I want to love myself”

Introduce the idea of loving you, think about it, get excited about it.

I want to love myself.

I cannot wait to love myself.

When you get excited about it, then you will be okay with scheduling massage, mani-pedi, buying new clothes and going to the beach.

what to do to love yourself

We’re talking about YOUR way to healthy and that means you have to find what fulfils you and what loving you means to you. For example, I love going to the beach and when I go there I recharge and fill my tank. But I know many people who cannot stand the beach – all the sand, heat and the crowd (it sounds odd to me but they don’t like it).

There is no one way that will fit all of us.

Start small, start introducing to idea of loving yourself and then start thinking what fulfils you, what are the things that you might do for yourself this week to show love towards yourself. Not only towards your body, but it can also be towards your soul (like meditation or journaling) and your mind (example reading, attending a course, learning a new language)

Self-love can be approached from so many different angles.

When you start loving yourself nutrition and exercise will be so easy. You know when you love somebody (your sister, a friend, your mother, your kid, your partner) you want the best for them.

You’ll always suggest to them to eat a salad instead of a full bag of cookies but you will allow yourself to have a full bag of cookies.

You know how to show love to others, now is the time to show it to yourself. 

If self-love and self-acceptance are something you’ve been struggling with (and still are) schedule a FREE Weight Loss Consultation. We can talk how to find your way to loving yourself again!

Listen a full episode of Your Way To Healthy podcast.

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